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OPT featured in TechCrunch

OPT Industries is featured in TechCrunch, highlighting that UK-based LumiraDx has added OPT Instaswab to its approved swabs — the first 3D-printed product to earn that distinction.
“With the ability to print around the clock, the firm also believes it can play a pivotal role in addressing supply chain concerns — a long-time goal for additive manufacturing,” writes Brian Heater for TechCrunch.


3D Printing Industry OPT Feature

OPT Industries profiled in 3D Printing Industry, featuring company growth and $15M Series A funding to scale up the development of its novel 3D printing metamaterials and products, such as InstaSwab. It highlights OPT’s RAMP roll-to-roll 3D printing platform, which enables the printing of continuous materials at “unlimited lengths” with micron-level precision. 

How Past Pandemics Drove Innovation in Public Health

Pandemics can greatly increase morbidity and mortality and can cause significant economic, social, and political disruption. To mitigate the impact of pandemics in the future, we need to learn from the past. Past pandemics have taught doctors and ordinary people lessons about public health such as the importance of face masks, quarantining, and contact tracing. Here is an overview of some of the most significant pandemics of the past and what we can learn from them.


IFAI OPT Feature

“Every market, Ou points out, requires unique textiles and functions, but traditional manufacturing faces challenges at every turn, from the fiber and yarn spinning to assembly and transportation. OPT’s has a single process: a liquid polymer made into a flexible, structured material, which can be customized for the functionality needed.” – IFAI, Advanced Textiles Source.

Medical Device Sterilization Methods

Screening tests are conducted to monitor a person’s health, even when the person may not feel sick. Screening tests can be used to detect diseases early, before any observable symptoms develop. This can save lives and healthcare costs.